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Postcard of the Week: Ireland

Greetings from Ireland postcard of the countryside           The 2014 summit of One Young World was held in Dublin a few weeks ago (read my pre-OYW blog post here). It was actually my fourth visit to Dublin, and it’s unusual that I return to the same city that many times! As OYW was held in the Convention Centre, we spent most of our time around the Docklands. With such a packed agenda from 8am each day until after 9pm, I didn’t do very much tourism at all, only visiting the Waterways (to attend a truly incredible, tear-jerking breakout session with French photographer and documentary maker Yann Arthus-Bertrand), the National Museum of Ireland briefly and the Guinness Storehouse museum for a party on the Friday evening. I had one sip of the Guinness, before switching back to wine. But the Storehouse does have the Gravity Bar, a really good panoramic bar overlooking almost all of Dublin. The whole place was booked out for us One Young World delegates.

          Despite having been to Ireland a total of four times, I’ve never explored beyond the capital city and, having seen how beautiful the countryside look on this postcard, I think this should be fixed!

           What I don’t know is where to go in Ireland. Giant’s Causeway Bay? The west coast of Ireland? The south? I have an urge to sleep in castles, ride horses along the beach and embark on really long walks. Do you have any suggestions for me?

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