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Postcard of the Week: Seville

postcard from seville flamenco dancer poster

Before I arrived in Madrid earlier this year to work there for 6 months, I made a list of all the things I was looking forward to doing once I got back to Spain. For anyone who doesn’t know the full story, I had lived in Spain once before, spending 6 months of my Erasmus year studying at the Universidad de Córdoba in Andalucía. Andalucía is my favourite of all the 17 Spanish regions and it’s the most southerly, the hottest, the most troubled, the poorest, but in my view the most historical and the most innately Hispanic. Córdoba is the least well-known city of the three jewels of Andalucía, the other two of course being Granada (famous for its magical Alhambra and its tapas) and Seville (the capital of Andalucía, famous for it’s feria and its flamenco dancers).

I visited Seville a number of times during those six months, not least because that’s where the nearest airport is. Within a fortnight of arriving I headed to Seville with some of my new German friends, and the most memorable part of that trip was partying all night at an outdoor club near the river, and returning to the hostel around 7am just as they were serving breakfast!

I visited Seville again when each of parents came to stay, and we explored the Alcázar (royal palace), the Giralda (bell tower) and a certain tablao called La Carbonería in the old town Barrio de Santa Cruz, which is unlike the typical flamenco shows for tourists. To enter you need only buy a drink and take a seat at a picnic table. It’s informal and utterly authentic, I’d really recommend it. Fingers crossed it hasn’t changed too much since my last visit in 2011.

Seville is beautiful and a must-visit, but when speaking of Andalucía, my heart lies in Córdoba, a smaller and less touristy version of Seville, which can be explored entirely on foot.

What’s your experience of Andalucía? Which is your favourite city out of Seville, Granada and Córdoba?


On a separate note, I’ve applied to be part of a blogger trip to the much talked-of region of Kerala in India, which I’ve heard so much about and am desperate to see with my own eyes! If you could take a minute to vote for me here then I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks!


  1. I was lucky enough to spend my year abroad in Seville and it truly is an amazing city. Full of culture, history and tradition, I’d highly recommend for people to visit there if they ever get the chance. Definitely my favourite city in Spain!


    • I agree, Andalucia was an incredible place to spend a year abroad! I think it’d be difficult to work there after uni so I’m really pleased I had the chance beforehand.


  2. Hii !! I’m so happy to read about all of your travel adventures, particularly in Spain (Sevilla). I’ll be studying abroad at the University of Sevilla – Music and Culture studies. It seems like a fascinating place to experience. I look forward to reading more about your travel experiences and insight 🙂


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