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Postcard of the Week: Life is Breathtakingly Beautiful

Life is Breathtakingly Beautiful postcard

I’m an extremely visual person – I respond to images and pay sharp attention to the aesthetic qualities of any place I visit or any photo I take. Not everyone is the same, and not everyone is quite so hooked on taking photos as I am. What I like about this postcard, beyond agreeing wholeheartedly with the message, is that it doesn’t claim to identify what ‘beauty’ is by placing a “breathtaking” image behind the text. It’s left to the individual’s imagination to conjure up their own image of beauty.

What is it that makes life so beautiful?

         It’ll differ for everyone, but for me I think it’s the awing realisation that millions and millions of events, chance happenings and odd coincidences have all contributed to who I am and what my life consists of today, and that there is no way I could hope in hell to ever have control of all these random factors that make me who I am today. I’ll admit that I do like being in control, being organised, planning and having certainty in particular parts of my life. But the beauty of life is in not knowing what could happen next, and in having no idea what’s around the corner. I love to daydream. But if did have control, if I could predict the future and anticipate the next 70 years of my life, I’d have to give up one of my favourite pastimes: daydreaming. So for me, the most beautiful thing about life is its total unpredictability, and the sweet taste of possibility. It’s fitting really that this is my last postcard of the year, as we step into 2015 with no idea of what life might hold in store for us!

Happy New Year everyone!


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