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Category: Postcard of the Week

Postcard of the Week: Easter Island

         Easter Island, officially part of Chile and sitting in a very isolated part of the Pacific Ocen, has a fascinating past. Most people know of the island only because of […]

Postcard of the Week: Love in Paris

           On Thursday this week it is Valentine’s Day. So I looked through my entire collection of postcards to find the most romantic one that I’ve ever received. And it […]

Postcard of the Week: Prague

          I’ve been in Prague for the last week and just got back last night. It was my first ever trip to the Czech Republic and I’ll admit that I’m […]

Postcard of the Week: Tignes

          This postcard popped through the letterbox the other day and while I always love to receive postcards (hint hint!), this particular postcard of the ski resort Tignes in the […]

Postcard of the Week: The Orient Express

         These are in fact two separate postcards, both from a series of six posters by Pierre Fix-Masseau (1905-1994) in the style of the 1920s. He was the last of […]

Postcard of the Week: Land’s End

         This postcard comes from Land’s End, a well-known place to us Brits, as it marks the most southwestward spot of mainland Britain, where the land literally ends. Just offshore […]

Postcard of the Week: the Grand Canyon

         The Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, is almost 450km long was formed around 40-50 million years by the Colorado River. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site and I’ve heard […]