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Tag: Italy

Art: A Tuscan Villa

          This was painted by a family friend of ours, Tim Dolby. He’s a full-time artist and will travel around to find material for a new series of paintings, and […]

Strolling through Milan

Here’s a quick snapshot of my long weekend in Milan at the end of April, which is the next in my ‘Strolling through …’ series, following in the footsteps of […]

How to spend a long weekend in Milan

          In comparison to other cities in Italy, Milan gets a bad rep from foreigners. Many see it as an industrial city that lacks the charm of many of the […]

Art: Light/Dark Abstract Art from Milan

This painting was actually a graduation present from my boyfriend, one of the few paintings I haven’t bought myself. It’s by the award-winning artist Enzo Modolo, currently based in Milan. […]

Postcard of the Week: Tuscany

          I sent this postcard home to my mother in August 2011, during a weekend trip to Siena. I was coming to the end of my internship at Armani, and […]

Earthquakes in Emilia-Romagna

               In early June 2012 I was on holiday in Modena, just when the earthquakes hit the region of Emilia -Romagna. It turned out the epicentre was extremely close to Modena, […]

Postcard of the Week: The Orient Express

         These are in fact two separate postcards, both from a series of six posters by Pierre Fix-Masseau (1905-1994) in the style of the 1920s. He was the last of […]