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Art: Light/Dark Abstract Art from Milan

Light/Dark This painting was actually a graduation present from my boyfriend, one of the few paintings I haven’t bought myself. It’s by the award-winning artist Enzo Modolo, currently based in Milan. It’s one of a series of paintings that all represent the moment when light hits darkness, and the effect that that produces. It’s an evocative painting that grew on me once I understand the meaning behind it. It’s another large painting and is now hung in my bedroom where I designed a white, blue and black colour scheme. Choosing where to place a painting is harder than it sounds as you have to consider the other visual elements already in the room, the colour of the walls (Magnolia just does not work with this painting) and where you have enough space to make sure the painting gets its deserved visibility. This painting always provokes a conversation and keeps me pondering it for longer than some of my other more obvious paintings…

What’s your opinion of abstract art?

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