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Tag: Postcard

Postcard of the Week: Greetings from Ghana

          My mother, Malvena Stuart-Taylor, was out in Ghana again a few weeks ago volunteering and training Ghanaian doctors with the G.A.S. Partnership, and she sent me this postcard. Last […]

Postcard of the Week: New York

         At some point in the next few months I will be back in New York once again. Last time I went I picked up this postcard. Aged 17, in […]

Postcard of the Week: Munich

         I spent all of last week in the incredibly lovely city of Munich, in Bavaria, Germany. It was my first proper trip to the country and beforehand I didn’t […]

Postcard of the Week: the Austrian Alps

         This is another slightly older postcard that was pinned up at home, and is of the Austrian Alps. I’ve only ever been to the mountains in Austria, specifically to […]